Worthing District Scout Shop – November Newsletter


HQ Working Party

Thank you to everyone who came to help today at the HQ! We made some brilliant progress despite the weather!  
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District Beaver Fun Day 2016

Once again the Beavers attended the District Beaver Fun Day at Dappers Lane for a day filled with fun and excitement. There were lots of activities including an obstacle course and cooking over an open fire.


Sheepfair Car Parking 2016

Thank you to everyone who came along today to help with the car parking at the Sheepfair, all the time you gave has help raise some brilliant funds for the group and your help was greatly appreciated!

Here is a letter from our Group Scout Leader:


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Sponsored Bike Ride 2016

A message to everyone involved in yesterdays Sponsored Bike Ride from our Group Scout Leader;

Just to say a big thank you to all Scouts, Cubs and Beavers who took part in Saturday’s Bike Ride despite the miserable conditions – and thank you also to all the parents who joined us.

From all reports, I believe you all greatly enjoyed the ride.

It was also great to have so much help with the refreshments at the HQ afterwards – and thanks for the cakes – much enjoyed by all who took part (and others!). It always makes such a difference to have this support and we are really grateful.

Finally, thanks again to Simon and Mandy Saunders for organising this event for us and to all the Leaders who took part.

The Bike Ride also had a purpose – and that was to raise funds for the Group to buy new buoyancy aids and other equipment. So please remember to collect in your sponsor money and return it to a Leader as soon as possible. And if you were unable to join us, perhaps you could sponsor someone who took part.

Thank you so much to everyone who made yesterday possible and enjoyable.

Janet Chapman

Group Scout Leader

Brilliant Bike Checks

The scouts where all very excited to be out practicing on their bikes this week, ready for the sponsored cycle this weekend, we wish them all luck. Challenge races where set up and the scouts breezed through the winning teams being elated. Weaving between wooden planks and braving the see-saw the scouts showed excellent cycling skills and had a great time up on the downs. Safe to say they were raring to go, racing up and down the hills, as well as having their bikes checked and altered ready for the weekend.

Jamboree On The Trail 2016

This weekend our Scouts joined 1st Worthing Scout Troops (Thursday & Friday), to participate in Jamboree On The Trail (JOTT) walking over two days from Arundel to Findon Valley, stopping overnight at Furzefields campsite in Angmering.

Many of the Scouts who took part in the walk, also completed their Expedition Challenge by not only hiking but cooking meals for themselves as well as map reading independently. The weekend was enjoyed by Scouts and Leaders alike and many long lasting friendships have been made.



Food and Fire

This evening the scouts where up at dappers lane creating multiple fires and toasting marshmallows. The scouts put the fire starting skills to the test as each team had to build a fire ready for use for cooking. Each team successfully built a fire and once burnt down to embers toasted marshmallows and created delicious s’mores. All the excellent fire starting knowledge of the scouts can now be put into use this weekend  as they are hiking and camping up at dappers lane.